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Headlights left on? Window left open? Let the owner of the vehicle know, send a message just using the license plate number! Help avoiding unpleasant surprises, save someone's day!

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What is this?

Égvemaradt.hu is an application that allows you to send messages to owners of any sort of vehicle without actually knowing them.
You just need to provide the license plate number of the car, motorcycle or other vehicle and if it is registered in our system, you can send them a message.

To register into our database you just need your license plate number and an email address. You need to register only if you owe a vehicle, as unregistered users are also allowed to send messages. On top of that sending and receiveing messages are totally free!





Enjoy the protection of the community!

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Keep your eyes open!


Tell the owner about any trouble with a vehicle!

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How does it work?

When a message arrives to a license plate number, the system will instantly forward it to the provided email address(es). Therefore the owner of the vehicle will be notified shortly, and they can
- switch off the lights before they drain the battery;
- close the window before the rain falls in;
- park further before penalized;
- switch off the alarm before the neighborhood goes crazy;
the quick notification can be incredibly helpful on many occasions!

And all of this without the having to reveal the contact details of either the sender or the recipient – Égvemaradt.hu ensures privacy of both parties.

To learn more about the system, please read the Frequently Asked Questions!

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