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Is using Égvemaradt.hu really free?
What should I do if I do not have a car but I would like to register?
How can I receive the messages to my license plate number?
May I provide multiple email addresses?
Can the sender of a message see the recipient's email address?
Can the recipient of a message see the sender's email address?
Can the recipient of a message see the sender's license plate number?
Where can I find the settings of my account?
What data can be stored about me in the system?
Are you sending any frequent emails to my email address(es)?
Can I receive advertisement from Égvemaradt.hu to my email address(es)?
Can I send messages only to those license plate numbers which are registered in the system?
Can I register with a foreign license plate number?
I cannot find my country code in the list.
Can I only choose from the provided templates when sending a message?
Why may I not write a custom message without signing in?
Why do you provide message templates only for parked cars?
Which platforms is Égvemaradt.hu available on?
I have an idea, a feature request or a question which is not included in this list!

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Although it does not explicitly refer to Égvemaradt.hu, we find it important to emphasize that all road users are obligated to follow the Highway Code under all circumstances. Holding a mobile phone is forbidden, which includes not only making a call but using Égvemaradt.hu as well. To avoid risk of accidents, never use the system while driving!

Statement of data management

The most important guidelines of our data management are briefly:

Using the following link you can download the official statement of data management of Égvemaradt.hu: Égvemaradt.hu statement of data management (PDF, 60 kB)

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The above data are necessary to use the system and to make it more comfortable, so please allow for this site to use cookies in your browser.

Credit Notes

Using Égvemaradt.hu is and will be free. The project is driven solely by our engagement and is backed only by our own pockets.
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